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L8101 Discover Dowsing DVD  

Discover Dowsing is a concentrated three-hour workshop compressed into 55 minutes of pure Dowsing instruction. Learn how to bridge Logic and Intuition. This high quality 16mm film has been transferred to DVD and Video cassette tape. Detail, color and photography meet commercial cinema standards.

Discover Dowsing guides the viewer - in one's own home - through the various stages of learning the Dowsing art, step-by-step, from the beginning stages all the way to professional use of the Original Cameron Aurameter, Pendulum, Swing-Rods, Wand, and Forked Switch.

Here are some of the subjects covered in the Discover Dowsing Video Tape:

LEARN the Scientific Principles of Dowsing enabling most persons to successfully Dowse.
DETERMINE directions, depths, quantities, and other information concerned with your search.

ACQUIRE SKILLS in informational and alimentary Dowsing. Dowse the energies and outlines from auras, chakras, and signature emanations.

HEAR INSTRUCTION revealed for the first time by a Dowsing Professional on how to gain the most sensitive responses possible while using the pendulum, swing rods, wand, and fork switch.


DEVELOP and expand your code and improve concentration. Learn how to overcome common Dowsing errors and Dowsing failures.

DETECT the presence of telluric (earth) currents, ley, grid, and dragon lines. Find earth-sky energy vortices, beneficial and noxious earth rays.

FIND buried or hidden objects, lost valuables, artifacts; substances such as underground water, oil, ore, missing persons, pets, etc.
NUMEROUS tips learned over a combined 74 years of professional locating by the late Dowsing Master Verne L. Cameron and Bill Cox.

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