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Shaw TV interview with Agnnes Kraweck PhD

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The Kirlian Aura Kamera - Kirlian & Aura Photography

Kirlian Photography with The Kirlian Aura Kamera™

A camera that puts your Aura or Energy Field on film instantly.
Discover your personal vibrational frequency through Kirlian Photography.

2010 Update: We have replaced the Polaroid 669 film with the Fuji FP-100C colour film. It fits in the camera the same way that the original Polaroid film did. The Polaroid film has been discontinued, although some expired stock is still available on line. PLEASE CHECK WITH US FIRST FOR PRODUCT AVAILABILITY BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDER.

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  • Are you psychic? Are you intuitive? Are you still connected to someone? Are you in control of your energy? Do you have physical distress?
  • Be creative! Make an exciting career by using the Kirlian effect. A future science now!
  • Use it in any therapy to measure how effective your therapy really is, or to discover personal colour vibrations, moods, mind power potential.
  • Photography inanimate objects - amulets, crystals, and medallions
  • Please note that The Kirlian Aura Kamera is a 'contact' camera. You can photograph anything that you can put in contact with the film plate. You cannot take a photo of a head or upper body, neither will fit directly onto the film plate.
  • One Button Simple! In about 30 seconds you'll have a Kirlian Photo.
  • Comments on The Kirlian Aura Kamera
    Interpreting a Kirlian Photograph

    Ghosts, entities, phenomena, apparitions on film

    The Kirlian Aura Kamera™ Price includes HV/HF generator, polaroid camera body, camera case, sample instant Polaroid film (3.25" x 4.25", type 669 or equivalent) - Fuji FP-100C is now included rather than the discontinued Poloaroid film, instruction manual (click to view pdf file-81KB), interpretation guide (click to view pdf file-540KB), 11x17inch Laminated Poster, & "Life's Hidden Forces". Specifications - Shipping Weight: 7lbs, Dimensions: 15in x 11 x 6, Power: 110/120V or 230/240V, please specify).
    HV/HF generator, Power: 110/120V (shown) or 230/240V
    Modified Instant Film Holder/Camera Body (colour may vary)
    Camera Case (color may vary)
    Sample Polaroid film (3.25" x 4.25", type 669 or equivalent) - now Fuji FP100-C
    10 Client Cards (Fuji film used for photos) are included with each camera. Give these to clients after you have taken a photo. Printed on smooth coated stock. 5.5 x 8.5 in. Packs of 50 are also available.
    Instruction Manual & Interpretation Guide, & "Life's Hidden Forces" A Personal Journey into Kirlian Photography by Agnnes Kraweck PhD, & Appendices
    11x17inch Laminated Poster

    Sample photos taken with The Kirlian Aura Kamera™ using our method of multiple exposures on each film using Polaroid 669 instant film.

    Various background colours, dark blue is the most common.

    a more unusual photo
    normal/high energy

    Left Image: very psychic (note half moons) but low distorted energy

    Right Image: very psychic (note half moons) but also very high positive energy

    Which psychic would you like to go to?


    disorganized thinking, clinging to the past (black background spots)

    You will quickly learn how to interpret your own photos with the help of the manual and books included.


    Click for close up!
    Order Form & Prices

    Optional:  35mm Film Attachment for The Kirlian Aura Kamera. Enables more definition and colour interpretation in each individual fingertip photo. No dark room required. The corona discharge is observable with this attachment by removing the back cover. More information is contained in the interpretation guide (pdf file) above. 


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