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Shaw TV interview with Agnnes Kraweck PhD

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Ghosts, Entities, Phenomena, Apparitions, Artifacts

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The face of God or the Devil (as the World Trade Center collapses)?


"Now I send two photos. A photo 1 (still picture or frame 30- left photo). Such manifestation are shown rather frequently and the hasty ‘experts’ assert, that it is a finger has appeared before objective. But sometimes (seldom!!!) following photo (31-right photo) forces to lift eyebrowes and to scratch a nape." Photos and comment supplied by Vadim Bondarev in Kazakhstan.

Qi Kong Healing

Qi Kong healing (Buddha Light showed up when Buddhist Master Shan-Fo and Shan-yin taught Mahayana zen-gong, during 1991 to 1992, at Taiwan.)

Qi Kong Healing

Qi Kong healing (Buddha Light during prayer service/teaching in Taiwan, 1991 to 1993)

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Do you believe in angels? This picture of a car accident is one of several that was taken by a professional police photographer. After developing the pictures of this accident scene, the officer found what looked like to be some type of a figure in one particular picture. Thinking it was a problem with his camera or its film, he performed tests, and they checked out PERFECTLY! Take a look....Oh, I forgot to mention.....the people in this car THEY WERE NOT EVEN SHAKEN UP!

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A wedding photo: Notice the ghost-like image above.

flame aura above head

A Simple Portrait: There's something going on here - thought forms?

thought form or smoke?

Hair Show in New York: Thought forms or just smoke?

Lama Ji

Lama Ji, taken in Leh, Ladakh, India: Many photos like this were taken with light bubbles in the background when taken of Spritually important places and people.


They're here!: TV image with no signal. It looks like a whole group of people here! More of these photos later.


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