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L8301 The Cameron Aurameter in Action - Bill Cox  

A step-by-step, self-instructional manual, developed over several years of world-wide workshops and Dowsing clinics. A valuable aid to amateur and advanced students, semi-pro and Dowsing professionals alike.
This comprehensive book will help you develop your skills in the use of the AURAMETER and the PROfessional AURAMETER.


The Cameron Aurameter in Action 3
Introduction 4
Holding-Balancing the Aurameter 6
Refining your Code 13
Seeing and Feeling Auras 17
The Circle of Violence 24
Imaging 25 Psychic
Dowsing and Telepathy 29
Clues from Thoughtography 33
Dowsing and Geomancy 36
Cox, Archeological Dowsing 40
Dowsing Pyramids 43
Map Dowsing Refinements 44
Inventing & Developing the Aurameter 49
Use of Copper 52
Verne L. Cameron's Last Interview 62
Dowsing-Catalog Booklist 63

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