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L8110 PROfessional Aurameter - Copper  

The new PROfessional AURAMETER: engineered, laboratory and field tested for several years is available in chrome or copper plating. Copper is long known by Dowsers and Sensitives for its extraordinary electrical conducting and shielding properities.

The new PROfessional AURAMETER models include "Leveler Bubble" for consistent "start action"; Detachable Pointer Tip, Map-Needle Pointer attachment for map dowsing and Hollow Witness Pointer are included, all with custom carry case.


New dowsing benefits you will appreciate:
1. Detachable substitute pointers easily changed in a few seconds.
2. Floating bubble on the handle assures your repeated leveling accuracy.
3. With each beginning, the coil-wand will always be correctly aligned.
4. New Map Dowsing sensitivities and skills now made possible.
5. Low searching needle-pointer over map helps one to stay on course.
6. Convenient attachable witness chamber in pointer

Price: $205.00 USD Weight: 0.45 lbs

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