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L8107 AURAMETER - Gold  

The Original Cameron AURAMETER is a truly superb Dowsing device and one of the world's most sensitive Dowsing instruments.

The Original Cameron AURAMETER'S vertically adjustable pointer enables the Dowser to experience many sensations and movements. Various modes of adjustment allow code responses to be transmitted from the forward tip to one's "feeling hand" and eventually throughout one's entire body. This opens the way to true Dowsing clairsentience - the ability to "feel" & "touch" at a distance.

The Original Cameron AURAMETER is the world's most sensitive dowsing instrument incoroporating five distinct dowsing functions.

Available in different plating finishes with custom carry-case. All precision models are of identical construction, except for the plating used. Chrome-Nickel serves beginners and advanced Dowsers. Copper Plating is for copper sensitive Dowsers. 24K Gold Plated Aurameters serve as a witness sometimes demanded by Treasure Hunters.

Price: $185.00 USD Weight: 0.28 lbs

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