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Diagnostics and treatment tactic choices with help of the “-GDV-CAMERA”.

Medical Academy of Spiritual Development “MADRA”
Private clinic of psychotherapy and eastern medicine “Urusvati”
Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk.

With reference to the contemporary concepts in medicine the diagnostics of
patient’s state, the choice of individual therapy and checking conducted are
main objectives for the treatment conducted.
For this goal apparatus “-GDV-CAMERA” is used in our clinic which allows to
diagnose the condition of organism’s general energetic, to reveal
preclinical and stabilized processes in organism, and when possible to
determine the latent causes of diseases. The main is to select the optimum
therapy (psychotherapy, aromatherapy, colortherapy, musictherapy, autogenic
meditative psychotherapy — AMP), and to control the treatment conducted.
It has been recognized in the process of research that when the energetic
condition of a patient is taken into consideration while choosing the
treatment tactics the result of the treatment become apparent in shorter
period among larger patients and has been much more steady.
For example, 74 per cent patients felt better after energetic selection of
medicinal herbs, they restored their energetic potential and showed the
reduction of some pathological symptoms. Within 2 or 3 weeks 90 per cent
patients showed the significant improvement or full recovery, proved by
clinical methods of investigation in control group where the selection of
herbs was only after the provided according diagnoses, improving process
started only after the third week (40 per cent), and considerable
improvement became apparent at 60% patients by the end of the second
The similar results has been of therapy achieved , when applying
aromatherapy. If energetic state of health was taken into consideration
when selecting ethereal oil, it effected the result of therapy treatment 2
or 3 times quicker than in the group where treatment went on according
clinical diagnosis.
At applying autogenic meditative psychotherapy “GDV – Camera” allows not
only to select, individual therapy, but also to control the patient’s state
in the process if treatment. After the general course of treatment we may
provide the supporting treatment on the base of data obtained on apparatus
“GDV – Camera” exclusively, and long before the appearance of clinical
72 children and 28 adults were examined here who went in for sports
(badminton, volleyball, gymnastics). After measuring their
energaphysiological state the disbalance of energetics and latent
pathological processes in an organism have been revealed in 42 per cent.
After physical loading 92% of those examined showed redistribution of energy
in an organism: there appeared a prolapsus in such zones: of liver – 24% of
patients; kidneys – 37% of patients; bronchi – lungs system – 40%;
rhespiratoric system – 46%; small intestines 53%; uro-genital – 62%.
Energetic splashes and the signs of aggression were fixed in zones:
respiratory system – 38% of those being examined, liver – 48%, kidneys –
52%, heart – 67%, blood circulation – 70%, large intestine – 72%. Full
recovery of energetic and functional state of an organism was observed
within 4 or 5 hours at 67% of patients, 5% those examined attained full
recovery after 24 hours’ period. 11% of patients showed a considerable
improvement after 3 or 5 minutes of autogenic meditative psychotherapy
(AMP), and 87% showed full energetic functional restoring an organism.
Correspondingly children and adults felt much better , they felt fresh
surge of energy, rejoice, cheerfulness.
It allows to use the given method for controlling energetic restoration of
equilibrium and organism’s functional state after physical and emotional
The trustworthy meaning full influence of various operators and
psycho-emotional state of certain operator on an energetic system of those
examined has been revealed in the course of investigation. This exerts
influence on an accuracy of diagnosis and correspondingly on a selection and
quality of treatment, and for sure demands special training for specialists
in the sphere of diagnostics and therapy.
1. Apparatus “GDV-Camera” allows to determine quickly the general energetic
state of organism to reveal steady preclinical pathological processes, to
diagnose and to select optimum therapy and control treatment.
2. Therapy selected with due regard for energetic state of patient under the
“GDV-Camera” control allows to obtain more stable effect of the applied
therapy, and psycho-emotional loading.
3. “GDV-Camera” can provide the selection of the restoring methods of
psycho-physiological state of person after physical and psycho-emotional
4. Operator’s psycho-emotional state exerts influence on the procedure of
investigation and the accuracy of diagnosis, and certainly demands
specialist’s special training.
5. “GDV-Camera” indubitable has been the possibility to store the
results of examining in computer’s memory, their comparison in the process
of selecting therapy and treatment itself.