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Some fourteen years ago, a near death experience made such an impact on my life that it stimulated me to investigate the human energy with great passion. This experience equipped me with a clairvoyant sight, whereby I could see and define energy fields around living objects. Kirlian Photography helped confirm some of these astonishing facts, which I have compiled in a book "Life’s Hidden Forces".

It is with this in mind that I share this paper, hoping to reach others who may be of similar mind. As we look at the tremendous increase in knowledge and the vast new wealth of equipment and drugs which constitute our medical system, what was practiced fifty years ago seems primitive by comparison. Less progress has been made in the recognition of spiritual forces in health and the healing process. My goal is to stimulate interest in this less explored spiritual area. If we are to understand the whole person in the light of his real self then the field of consciousness must be known. When this direction is taken we will see medicine take a secondary role in the future, as man discovers his own power and ability for healing.

Emphasis should be turned away from a search for outward causes of illness such as trauma, bacteria, and food, to inner questioning: "Why is this in my experience?" or "How did I become in harmony with the vibration to attract this?" This kind of reflection brings about a closer awareness of the intent of being. This great principle is not only the basis of all true religious experience, but also the fundamental law underlying science, that man is created from thought and it is his thoughts that create the vibration determining the chemistry of his body.

The human body is far more electrical than material such as skin, bone, and blood. It is the spirit that draws thoughts to us much like a magnet, depending on what we have been observing and what we become in harmony with bringing forth the manifestation of that observation. The physical has its own time lapse of unfolding. (Chapter 8 - Phenomena)

The spirit is known by many names: Universal energy, Prana, Chi, Vital Force, Breath of Life, or God. Yogis practice manipulating this energy through breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercise to maintain altered states of consciousness and youthfulness far beyond what is considered normal. This universal energy is nutritive and its cellular organizational characteristics supersede the energetic contributions of ingested food. The yogis also recognize that this energy or spirit contains two polar forces, the positive and the negative. When positive and negative are balanced, the living being exhibits health. When they are unbalanced a diseased condition results.

At the Shanghai Atomic Nuclear Institute of Academia Sinica, it was shown that Qi Gong masters emanate a vital force in the form of a low frequency sound that acts as a low fluctuating carrier wave. Some scientists believe that these waves can be generated by machine or with the human hand. A human being is the greatest generator of the electromagnetic low frequency waves when in a meditative state. When he sends out love he sends 8 Hertz waves. (Qi Gong research with Kirlian photographs, July 28,1995)

It is well documented and established that all evolution on the earth and all living creatures evolve in this 8 Hertz field, known as the Schumann Resonance, and the brain wave of the planet. Somehow this 8 Hertz wave is in tune with our DNA and it is this specific frequency that stimulates the growth of higher consciousness and evolution. Some scientists believe that with more and more electrical devices on the market, electromagnetic pollution could be one factor that masks the natural and beneficial 8 Hertz earth pulse. This masking effect is thought to be one of the causes of poor immune systems and premature aging.

Deepak Chopra MD, and author of Quantum Healing, made a statement that an average person entertains approximately sixty thousand thoughts in a day and ninety percent of these thoughts are outdated, outworn, and thoughts of yesterday. This knowledge should impel us to be more selective in our thoughts so as to improve the quality of our life. In today’s life experiences, stress, mixed emotions, and disorganized thoughts are only a few items that could be weakening or even fragmenting our DNA, as we move further away from the truth of understanding self. In truth we are creating our own reality.

As every generation comes forth with a stronger desire to be the free spirit that they are, the generation that preceded them tries to hold them in old ways of thinking. Limitation and confusion is created in our societies because man does not understand how the Law of Attraction works. The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws that affect us in every phase of our lives. Any time you are living less than what you want, you are not accessing the universal energy available to you. Your thought vibrations attract your life experiences much like a magnet. (Chapter 19).

More interest needs to be generated into helping man to know himself, and to create the free spirit that he is. Man of today does not listen to his own source anymore but listens to others. We need to lead ourselves based on a true sense of knowing.

To know yourself is to understand that you are spirit first. At birth you select through vibration the vehicle or body and come into this world, to experience or create anything you want. You are perfect, whole and one with the Universe.

To know yourself is to understand that you are supremely guided when you are in the positive state. Listen to your inspirational thoughts and then take action. To know yourself is to understand that there is no end to growth and that you never really get it done, but fine tune yourself and take thought further than it was before.

To know yourself is to update your belief systems as you unfold, for you cannot go beyond that which you currently believe. If you believe only in what is, then your vision will take you no further. (Chapter 12 Awakening Human Consciousness)

In conclusion Kirlian photography becomes a great tool to discover the true potential of the human spirit in its connection or disconnection to the source. It has been my pleasure in sharing and adding yet another perspective to this fascinating subject.

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