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Bioresonant News September 1999
Welcome and thank you for subscribing. Bioresonant News aims to bring you leading edge scientific news that are difficult to obtain anywhere else. We hope that the information in this issue will inspire you and awaken your imagination. Your feedback is always welcome. Dr. Tom Chalko, Andreas Soderlund feelit@BioResonant.com
In this issue:

Is cancer a state of mind ?
Aura photos - trash or treasure ?
Bio-energy or bio-information ?
New products: BioResonant cotton-Lycra
Is cancer a state of mind ?
Prof. Newton Milhomens, professor of physics from Brazil, has more than 20 years experience in detecting cancer from images of bio-plasma around a human fingertip, recorded on film.

Providing that the image of bio-plasma is recorded correctly, cancer shows as a very characteristic "spiral defect" in the glow around a fingertip. Decades of clinical tests demonstrate astonishing accuracy of this method of cancer detection.

The left image in Fig.1 demonstrates bio-plasma glow around a fingertip of a cancer patient. Spiral defect (a gap), characteristic of cancer is clearly evident.

The right image in Fig.1 was recorded immediately after the patient died. Cancerous cells were still present and could be examined in the body - but the bio-plasma glow didn’t show any trace of cancer !!! Bio-plasma image after death resembles a plasma image around a piece of mineral.

If you suspect that this was an isolated case - think again - Prof. Milhomens and his colleagues have more than 1,500 cases just like this.

What is the essential difference between a living body and a dead body? There are essentially no physical differences - all organs and all atoms in the body are still the same at the point of death. The only major difference is that the body stops functioning - the CONSCIOUSNESS is gone.

From the result presented above it is clear that:

bio-plasma images contain information about the CONSCIOUSNESS, not only the physical body. Researchers who focus on physical details may miss the most important data
diseases such as cancer may be mistakes in our consciousness !!!
Such statements require independent verification. And this is exactly what we did at BioResonant. We use the most advanced bio-electrography equipment on Earth, developed by another professor of physics, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg, Russia. (for equipment specifications see http://www.thiaoouba.com/crown.htm )
Prof. Korotkov started his career in bio-electrography with Semion Kirlian several decades ago and succeeded to integrate the latest technology in physics of plasma, plasma imaging, optics, and digital image processing. He developed a solid-state system for bio-plasma image processing (CrownTV) that doesn’t use any film or photographic paper - the human finger being tested is in direct contact with a glass window and image processing is digital. Elimination of photo-processing dramatically improved repeatability and reliability of bio-plasma recordings. Confusing effects of finger pressure, humidity, temperature etc.. have been practically eliminated.

Prof. Korotkov medical diagnostic system is based on recording bio-plasma around all 10 fingertips. Using this system we can determine, not only WHAT happens in the human body, but also WHERE it happens - by examining specific sectors of the bio-plasma glow.

Fig.2 demonstrates the case of a cancer patient. Spiral defect (gap), characteristic to cancer is present in sector 3 of the left hand finger. This particular location corresponds to the bowel. (For more detailed diagnostic chart see http://www.thiaoouba.com/kirc2.htm ). Indeed, this particular patient died from cancer of the bowel several weeks after our test.

Fig.3 shows the bio-plasma glow of a person who is AFRAID of cancer, but does not actually have it. The "cancer spiral defect" in bio-plasma corresponds to the exact location IMAGINED by this person - the uro-genital area. Several subsequent bio-plasma recordings, after the person admitted and released the fear, showed no signs of cancer. Detailed medical examination undertaken over the next few days after the test confirmed the absence of cancer.

Aren’t we imagining our diseases before they manifest physically? Should we believe those who promote the fear of disease and profit from it?

Most people focus their attention on the function and the appearance of their physical bodies. Shouldn’t our consciousness be our priority? After all, we are only alive because we are conscious... Examples above clearly illustrate that neglecting our thoughts and limiting our awareness can cause our own suffering.

Aura photos - fake or treasure ?

Diagnostic examples given above illustrate that there is a lot of INFORMATION encoded in the bio-plasma that surrounds our body. Bio-plasma images contain information not only about diseases, but also about our psycho-emotional state.

It is not enough to record pretty pictures to impress spectators who do not comprehend what they see. The challenge is to record the REAL bio-plasma images without distorting the INFORMATION that is encoded in it. The other challenge is to extract the maximum amount of information from recorded images.

The so-called "Kirlian effect" seems to be the only method of recording REAL bio-plasma images that contain coherent information about conscious processes in living organisms. See http://www.thiaoouba.com/kiref.htm to discover the details.

Bio-energy or bio-information ?

What is it that makes us alive? Bio-energy? How many Joules of energy do you need to bring a dead body back to life? It is clear, that all power stations on Earth combined are not capable of restoring life or even healing a single organism.

Clearly it is NOT an energy that makes us alive and well. So what is it? At BioResonant, we agree with leading bio-physicists on Earth that the essence of conscious existence is an intelligent exchange of INFORMATION in our consciousness. No intelligent exchange - no life. If the information exchange is partially blocked - one organ may not communicate well enough with another and we develop "diseases".

So what is the meaning of "ki", "Chi", "prana" and other ancient terms describing the life-force? How about calling it bio-information?

Ancient art of acupuncture is undoubtedly a very effective healing method. How and why does it work? According to acupuncture practitioners themselves, they enhance the "flow" of "chi" around the body by stimulating certain characteristic points on it. Isn’t it stimulating the flow of bio-information by means of creating very special conscious sensations?

How is this bio-information stored? Where? Bio-plasma images clearly indicate that at least some part of bio-information is encoded in a form of LIGHT (electro-magnetic field) that surrounds our body. And that is why it is possible to design BioResonant garments that interact with this light directly and provide a continuous "color acupuncture" to the entire body.

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