Dr Konstantin Korotkov (Russia)

Dear friends,

Sorry for the long silence: I was travelling in England, Germany and USA with workshops, lectures and practical work. It was a lot of interesting meetings and very good response from the colleagues who just start using and have been using GDV instrument for some time.

After discussing with different colleagues we came to a new name for the effects we are exploring:

Biological Emission and Optical Radiation

Stimulated by Electromagnetic Field

Amplified by

Gaseous Discharge with Visualisation by

Computer Processing.

In short the technique named as BEO GDV Technique and images after processing are named as


It is interesting that in Irish BEO means LIFE.

We suggest from now on using this notion BEO-gram for describing GDV data.

We came to agreement about establishing new regional Centres for promoting GDV instruments and ideas with colleagues in London, Munich and Chicago.

In USA between other places I visited very interesting Center of Human Improvement in the town Vichita, Kansas. The Center is led by outstanding doctor Hugh D. Riordan M.D. who has developed a set of practical methods for treatment of different decease's, in particular cancer. In many years they’ve saved a lot of people from different countries from practically incurable decease's. The Center owns a set of buildings shaped as domes with different treatment facilities and research laboratories in the domes. They have excellent conditions for practical work and scientific study. Nearby the domes situated a model of Heops pyramid 20 meters high.

During my stay there we conducted a set of joint experiments studying the influence of different factors to the water and blood. It was found statistically significant difference in BEO-grams parameters between control samples of water and the same water after one day in pyramid. The difference was stronger for the water located at the King Chamber position compared with water located at the base of the pyramid. Herewith I put the graphs.

Big difference was found for the BEO-grams of blood of healthy and cancer patients. The difference have been kept after some stages of dilution. These data well confirm our previous findings at the same time demonstrating that for pyramid influence the size of pyramid may play significant role. We are planning to move on this type of experiments together with the specialists of Wichita Center.

In Chicago we have very interesting joint trials in diagnostic area together with the specialist of Health Center Dr. Boris Dovjenko. He is a brilliant doctor of complementary medicine developing his own approaches to treat sclerosis, paralyses, cancer etc. He offered the new opportunities for extracting information from the BEO-grams. We hope in some time it will create new revolutionary diagnostic approaches.

At the West Coast in Portland we have had very fruitful practical experience and gainful workshops with a group of psychologists. The meeting was organized by Mary Lee Nichols, Ph.D. It was confirmed amazing correlation between the types and features of BEO-grams and psychology descriptions of people. Hope in a year we’ll together be able to develop new approach for practical psychology.

All these data demonstrate that using GDV we are facing absolutely new domain of description of person’s existence.

We hope a lot of new material will be presented at the SIS Conference in Saint-Petersburg in May 99. A lot of people are planning to come from Europe and USA.

Let us together make it a big event!!!

You are all very welcome !!!

K. Korotkov


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